We may use the name “Pueblo Escultor” for the now-unknownauthors of the vast “library” of ancient stone statues created and buried many centuries before the european invasion of America, in a series of sites in the mountains of the Macizo Colombiano, in today’s southern Colombia; the name (in spanish) means “the sculpting people”, or simply “the sculptors”.

This website introduces a catalogue of drawings (made by Davíd Dellenback) representing the images wrought by the Pueblo Escultor, and the inhabitants and personages of the fantastic world they created underneath the earth’s surface. The viewer may call up, peruse and study each statue, each image, individually. A datacard with the pertinent information on the given statue accompanies each image.

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Stone Library
The Pueblo Escultor were the sculptors of the greatest “stone library” ever created in ancient America, in the valley of San Agustín and the Macizo Colombiano of southern Colombia.
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The Statues of the Pueblo Escultor
Written in english by Davíd Dellenback and translated into spanish by his wife Martha Gil along with the author, its 357 pages include the text in both languages as well as more than 100 of the author’s illustrations of the ancient sculptures.
Estatuas en Berlín
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Statues in Berlin
In December of 1913 the german ethnologist Konrad Preuss, at that time director of the Ethnological Museum of Berlin, came to San Agustín for the twin purpose...